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This will allow you to compare your campaigns on Twitter or Facebook, for example, and which traffic generates the most qualified traffic on your site. It is necessary to know the different circles of prospects, especially the reactive part of my buy aged gmail accounts audience, composed of the most engaged people, who participate in competitions, training, who buy my products or services. So to speak, those that generate value for the business. Number of subscribers, likes, followers, etc. Most social media only display the number of fans or followers that follow your page. Likes, fans and followers Of course, increasing your number of fans or followers is important.

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This basic indicator lets you compare your competitors and determine your audience. Nevertheless, it is not enough and you will need complementary tools to study the behavior and the commitment of the people who really interacted with your brand or your company. Participation, interaction, sharing, Observe how people interact with your social marketing campaigns. These interactions can take different forms: a comment, a like on Facebook, a retweet, etc. There are several levels of interaction: a simple like on a post published on your Facebook page instagram accounts for sale has for example less impact than a post published on an influential blog evoking your campaign. Be careful, however, not to place undue importance on certain figures and indicators: the success of a social marketing campaign is not always measured in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). Quantitative too often takes precedence over qualitative.

In the same way, the audience of the people interacting with you plays a preponderant role in the spread of your campaigns. It is therefore necessary to know how to correctly evaluate the interactions to understand the impact of its campaigns on social media What is success? Many companies struggle to set goals relevant to their social media activity. It is difficult for them to measure the success of an action! Depending on your strategy, the objectives can be target traffic, conversion rate, number of fans or followers to recruit, etc. Once these goals are set, it will be easier to measure the progression of the impact of your presence on social media, as well as the success of a social marketing campaign. All your actions will not show the same efficiency, but gradually you will be able to distinguish the winning strategies: those that have a measurable effect on your activity.

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You should not go wrong. Increasing the number of contacts, fans and followers is much less important than having surfers commenting, sharing or reacting Its more important to measure the interaction rate than the number of fans! Myriam L'Aouffir, Responsible for the buy aged gmail accounts online communication of the France Televisions Group. Target 1. Moreover, beyond the concrete conversion measures linked to economic objectives, there are more abstract measures that may correspond to other objectives, such as increasing your reputation. Some brands are present on social networks to reinforce their image or notoriety and not for the sole purpose of turning a prospect into a customer or a contact in act of purchase Jean-Franeois Ruiz, Associate Director of PowerOn Evaluate social media It There is hundreds of social networks, but not all of them draw as much traffic as Facebook or Twitter, of course.

But this should not be your primary goal: set reasonable goals for progression, and remember that the commitment of those who follow your activity is worth more than their number. 2. Participation and sharing It is difficult to assess the part of your followers who are engaged in a large volume of conversations and sharing. Just set your goal to increase the average number of comments, like or retweets. Detect the types of content that generate the most responses and adjust your strategy accordingly. 3. Traffic and Conversion Traffic visit here is not a relevant indicator in itself: rather than trying to increase pure traffic, analyze which social media generates the highest conversion rate. Reason both in terms of micro-conversion (sign-up to a newsletter) and macro conversion (an online purchase). The sites that generate the traffic with the best conversion rate will have to be privileged in your strategy.